Thursday, January 9, 2014

It's About Time

Well, I just looked and my last blog was almost two years ago so I guess it is about time to get my %&# together and start working on it again. I seriously do not know how designers have time to tweet, blog, design lines, participate in all of their kid's activities, go on date nights, clean the house, make meals, read books, do crafts and pee. There simply are NOT enough hours a day to accomplish all of those things on a regular basis without help. Oh sweet help, how I wish you were mine! Many designers aren't designers as much as they are style hunters who shop trends and tell the real worker bees what they want done, fuss over silly details they know virtually nothing about, then stamp their names and faces on it and smile pretty for publicity shots with millions of awe-struck, naive, adoring fans who don't get that it's an illusion. The "designer" they idolize is off getting lattes and mani-pedis, NOT drawing, painting or computer illustrating all those pretty patterns. Wake up people! It's pretty sad that it's come to that but it's true. Of course there are some true designers who manage to do it all, but they more than likely have help in other areas like childcare and housekeeping. I am not one of those, I am a true DIY Designer. Everything I do, I do myself. From cleaning the house and making meals to stringing beads, sewing holiday presents, creating scrapbooking and craft designs for production and trying to create a website for all my new projects. It's overwhelming a lot of the time, but I'm also an ADHD Designer so I manage to get a lot done very quickly when I'm motivated.

And there it is - that's the key, Motivation, yup, that's the thing...when I have it, I'm unstoppable. When it's gone, I'm a total slug. I liken it to Creative Bipolarity, some days it's overflowing and other days there's a complete creative juice drought. Right now, I'm highly motivated. I find that starting one thing has a spillover many other ideas seem to drip everywhere and I want to mop up all of them and follow through with each project. It seems chaotic and messy to most but I'm at my best when I'm crazy busy with several projects, mostly because you never know when the well is going to run dry for a spell. And, ADHD has a way of allowing the brain to flex from one thing to the next pretty freely. Of course it also means there are plenty of burnt cookies because you forget they were baking and the sewing machine and laundry drowned out the buzzer on the oven...but burnt cookies are still better than no cookies in my book. And they're not too bad once you get used to 'em. Wash them down with a nice Cab and they're even better!

So January 2014 is off to a running start with the remodeling of my bathroom, a laundry closet make-over, a jewelry making craze, new website design, and at least 5 other happy projects to keep me motivated. The 5 other projects will be fun to post separately so I will try to be patient and not spill the details just yet. Sit back, have a cookie and enjoy yourself. I hope to see you back here very soon!