Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Share the Love

I've been working on a Project Life scrapbook because it seemed sooooo easy to do, which it would have been had I not decided I needed to design all the pieces myself (including the pockets). Sometime the designer in me gets a little over ambitious, but it will be completely unique when I get through it all. And that suits our family to a tee!

Anyway, during this process of designing monthly journal cards and titles, calendars etc... I created a few extras for all of you! These are digital journal cards that you can print. One title, three vertical and two horizontal. I'm not sure if the horizontals will fit the Project life pockets exactly, but I'm pretty sure you can work with them in some capacity. They are all slightly under 3"x4" which is the approximate size according to the Jessica Sprague free grid journal card giveaway on her site today. Be sure to pop over to jessicasprague.com to grab that all purpose journal card too!

Here are the cards I've designed. If you would like the download printable file drop a comment here, or email me your contact info. Please remember these are for your personal use only. No re-selling or copying of these designs please. The artwork is copyrighted.
Copyright 2012, Krys Caywood, Krys Caywood Design