Monday, July 12, 2010

Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

Lazy - check!
Hazy - check!
{{{CrAzY}}} Not so much!

And that's just the way I like it. That's not to say that crazy things aren't happening here, actually quite the opposite. It's just that I'm not letting the crazies make me crazy too!

For starters, I am currently pregnant with twins - which is crazy good, makes me  crazy  happy, and crazy excited. It also means that in a few short months life, as I know it, may become a bit challenging, maybe even baby crazy, but I'm so looking forward to it. 

Secondly, we just got over a 6 day heat wave with 100+ temps and are starting another one this week which is crazy hot for CT, but I'm keeping cool and calm in the central air and enjoying a splendidly sunny summer so far.

Thirdly, I am working on designing more scrapbooking lines to keep my creative child from going stir crazy in the absence of full time work. This, I am fully embracing as well. I {LOVE!} having the freedom to design when I'm inspired and motivated and CRAZY creative. It's been an eye opening experience to have complete creative freedom designing for a company that doesn't micro-manage or put too many chefs in the kitchen so to speak. Finally, I've been blessed to work with a team that understands the word team, and doesn't make decisions by committee on every little detail. What an absolute joy to be appreciated and recognized and given complete control over my own designs. And sometimes it means there are crazy deadlines, but that's a kind of crazy I can work with!

The last crazy thing that's going on is that I haven't blogged in so long. With all that's been going on in my life it's kind of crazy to think that I thought I had nothing to say. Perhaps there was just no time to say it ~ either way I'm back from the shadows and ready to start blogging {like crazy} again!