Sunday, April 22, 2012

A word about Mraz...

It's true, I do love Jason Mraz's music. The man tosses around words like a juggler does flaming bowling pins. It's a delight to the ears and makes me smile everytime I hear him rhyme something unrhymable or speaksing so quickly that I have to think twice about what was saidsung. But just this morning I got an itunes blip about his new release and the picture threw me. Now, we're all accustomed to the Mraz image of old Rat Pack charm and confidence combined with boyish good looks, the signature fedora (aka: "cock your hat, angles are attitudes" - Sinatra) and a sense of humor. Surprised was I when the image that stared back at me on the screen this morning was not the boy I thought I knew so well.

That being the case,  I googled him to see what was up with this new look and found that the kid tosses image styles around as seamlessly as he does words. There is a definite and vastly different vibe in each of the following photos that struck me immediately upon seeing them so I thought I'd share and see if you catch the same impression or if I'm just completely losing my mind. ;)

If the pics don't come through it's probably because I'm breaching some copyrights without knowing it...fingers crossed, for this purpose they will forgive me my transgressions as I do not earn a penny from this blog (although I think I really should...but that's a blog for another day). Oh, I digress - here we go:

Jason Mraz does:
Criss Angel

Woody Allen

Hugh Grant
Ashton Kutcher - Punk'd

Travelling Brad Pitt

Bruce Springsteen

Aging Bruce Springsteen

Matther McConaughey with Ben Alfeck 's hair

Kenny - G or Loggins

Jeremy London during Celebrity Rehab

Brett Michaels 

Adrien Brody

Roman Polanski/Mr Bean/Austin Powers
Nathan Lane in The Birdcage
Ad there you have it!