Monday, February 15, 2010

Memorable Monday - Honoring the positive influences in our lives

So last week was about turning your dream into an action plan. And after a week you may need a little more motivation and encouragement to get out there and take that first step. While I encourage you all to do that, it's often more meaningful to look at the people who have had a positive influence on us to get motivated and feel secure and confident as we move forward into what seems like the uncharted territory of great success.

This past weekend I was fortunate to have had a wonderful visit with my Godparents whom I have not seen in almost 10 years. And I have to say that, hands down, besides my own parents, this enthusiastic and loving couple truly influenced my life in more positive ways that I can count. Just spending several hours recounting stories from my childhood days spent with them and their children reminded me how much I missed having them in my daily life. There is something incredibly comforting that emanates from certain people. It's as if we're dialed into the same frequency and the glorious hum of that life energy puts us in a state of bliss. I know it sounds odd, but you have to admit that sometimes you say "she has a way about her..." or "there's just something about him"... That's what I'm talking about.  The connection between people that feels like home. That feeling is the focus of todays Memorable Monday task.

Take out your journal and write the names of 10 people who have influenced your life in a positive way. Write down examples of their generosity of spirit, the encouraging words or actions that you remember and take stock in those words and actions to remind yourself what wonderful things you have to offer.

Now, take the time to reflect on the positives in yourself and consider ways you can share your enthusiasm for life with another person. Maybe one day they will put you on their list of "10 people that positively influenced my life". Keep the cycle of positivity going in your own way.

Sharing yourself is often a great motivator to move forward in whatever creative venture you wish to undertake. Have a memorable Monday! :)

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