Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hot Diggity Blog - Blanco puts a screeching halt on the day's chores

Well, today was supposed to be a laundry day with scattered showers of scraptivity but it turns out that our cat, Blanco, has other ideas. Yes that is the laundry basket he's lolling in...

So, rather than disturb his adorableness, I took the opportunity to digitally scrap the moment, consciously avoiding housework with reckless creative abandon! ~LOL~  I do believe it was time well spent!

Sometimes we all need a break from the daily grind. Chores are mostly BORES in my mind anyway but I guess I can't complain too much. I'm lucky enough to have clothes and blankets to wash, a washing machine to wash them in, and an appreciative husband who always notices and thanks me for putting fresh linens on the bed. And I too {LOVE} fresh sheets. There's just something about the crisp, crumb-free, Downey scented sheets that makes me ridiculously happy. Simple pleasures make it all worthwhile.

And while I have enjoyed my morning off from the role of "Little Susie Homemaker", I know that cat wont sleep all day. At 27lbs, it's a safe bet he'll be at the food bowl anytime now and I'll be donning the LSH moniker, pretending like I'm the housewife in a 60's sit-com to amuse myself while doing the mundane fluff and fold routine. 

~ Enter Darren Stephens (Dana, that one's for you...) "Hi Honey I'm home! Dinner smells wonderful." Now if I could only get that darn nose wiggle down so I could continue to play instead of clean...

It's really not such a bad life, huh? :)

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