Wednesday, March 3, 2010

No More Merry-Go-Round

Roller coasters were never an amusement park favorite of mine. I preferred the merry-go-round as a kid. Probably because they are predictable; up and down, round and round. You never really get anywhere but you get there safe and content. Seems to me there used to be golden rings to reach for, but, I've noticed that most carousels no longer have them. I wonder why that is (although I'm guessing it's an insurance issue in reality) were they too dangerous?, too challenging?, was it too upsetting to kids who just couldn't grab the rings so they took away from everyone? It's pretty strange huh? It's like people are just content to go round in circles and listen to the calliope while bobbing up and down, and it's a good metaphor for life. So many of us just ride the merry-go-round for so long that when we finally get in line for a roller coaster we're scared, nervous, and desperately looking for the exit. And if we do manage to make it onto the ride and get strapped in we end up closing our eyes for the whole ride, or tossing our cookies shortly thereafter...

I guess what I'm saying is there comes a time to step up and ride the roller coaster, front row, eyes wide open.

The past few years have felt like that for me...going in circles, wanting more adventure, reaching for the golden ring and finally stepping beyond the comfortable confines of the calliope to ride the rollercoaster, open eyed. This week's events were my personal equivalent of tackling the Incredible Hulk roller coaster in Universal Islands of Adventure.  It's been unpredictable, unexpected, incredibly fast, exciting, energizing and emotional. And I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Lots of things happening here. Many twists and turns, loops and sudden drops, but I'm confident that it will all be worth it. And the best part is, I didn't throw up! (not yet anyway)

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