Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcome to my studio!

Hey There,

Welcome to Krys Caywood Design! Come on in, take a look around. Make yourself comfortable.

Let me begin by saying that I'm new to the wonderful world of blogging, but I love it already - just the word BLOG is fun to say, blog bloggiddy bloggy blog blogger - This is gonna be a blast! Not one of those "blog blog blog (blah blah blah)" types that preach and talk at you.  And definitely not one of those blogs where the blogger is a self-proclaimed expert in all things who will tell you everything you're doing wrong in life and more. Nope, none of that blogging from atop a blog soapbox, no blogging from a high blog horse.  This is going to be a fun, interactive blogoshpere where you all get a voice! I promise I wont get all blogomaniac on you.  I prefer to have this be an open studio where you can share your ideas and comments with me as well as any other artsy blog folk that decide to join in. The only rule that I have is that you play nice. No bloggin' bullies allowed. Mom always said, "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all"!

Now that we have the formal introductions and rule out of the way I will share a little bit about myself and my studio. First of all, the studio is my favorite place to be, mainly because, in here, I can behave like a kid again. Let my imagination run wild, color with the whole box of crayons, mix stripes and plaids, run with scissors, play, shape, mold, create,  AND...make as big a mess as I want to!  I can use run on sentences, express sudden random thoughts, color out of the lines... there are no grades, no standard of measure, no soul crushing conventions to which we must strictly adhere. The studio is the correction-free zone, an artistic playground with a toy box that holds many amazing things.

I have been a product designer for quite some time now. I've worked in many different markets, toys, home and garden, greeting cards and stationery and now scrapbooking and crafting. And as Dorothy said to Scarecrow, I think I love you most of all, well something like that. I just LOVE the craft industry. Designing products that allow others to express their creativity is the cherry on top of the sundae!

So, from today on I will be sharing some of my favorite products (some are my own designs and some are not), techniques, project ideas, journalling starters, quotes and recipes just to name a few. Everything from here on out is about inspiration and letting your inner child come out to play.



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  2. I love your lunch boxes!